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The World is Small, Ideas are Huge

The Earth is Tiny, the Universe is Infinite

I am often extremely busy. I have many wonderful friends who are my surrogate family. School takes the majority of my time but a lot of what I do outside of school is simply hang out with friends. I get overloaded with responsibilities and commitments because I want to experience everything!! I desire to learn about, love, help, heal, FEED, analyze and contemplate everyone and everything I come across. From animals and people to important causes and complex issues. Sometimes I feel overextended but I make sure to give myself quiet spiritual time because I do have a dark selfish side that I slip into when I neglect myself in pursuit of altruism. I am an extreme yet reasonable and logical person. I value my education above everything else in life and sometimes I cut back on my other responsibilities in order to stay ahead in school. This causes problems with friends and family because I can be introverted and distant when I am in a flow of study. I work best alone after midnight when the house is quiet, the phone is not ringing and there are no distractions. I am known to keep a nocturnal schedule, studying all night and sleeping all day, hardly visiting any of my friends for long periods of time. Never the less for the most part I am busy, active and passionate about what I do. Below is a snap shot of what I do in my life.

School- I pursue these classes;
General; Writing and poetry
Social Sciences; psychology, sociology, philosophy, religion, womens studies and peace studies
Science; physics, enviromental science, biology and genetics.

School Clubs- I am currently or have been;
President of The Writers Club
Confounder of CRPSDS: Collaborative Research and Presentation by Students for a Democratic Society
Member of The Young Progressives
Member of Phi Theta Kappa

Volunteer- I work with;
Stepping Stone Animal Rescue and People United For Animals (PUFA). Animals are a large part of my life, I spend a lot of time rehabilitating and fostering wild and feral-domesticated animals. Many of them just kind of come to me, or end up with me and some come from or are sent to PUFA and Stepping Stone Animal Rescue a local shelter and store that I regularly work with.

Recreation- I enjoy;
camping, hiking, biking, walking the dogs, swimming, sunbathing, dips in the hot springs, going out with friends, expanding my mind, spiritual enrichment and intellectual stimulation through reading, writing, reflection, discussion or debate.

General interests-
I am fascinated by all things ancient; texts, artifacts, ruins, languages, religions and philosophies. I love music, art, culture and good food. I like to sing and write for pleasure. I play the piano and I used to play the violin and a tiny bit of guitar. I would play other instruments if I had the time.