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The World is Small, Ideas are Huge
The Earth is Tiny, the Universe is Infinite
Writing for My Life 
15th-Mar-2011 01:53 pm
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I am writing for my life.

It's been several long years since my life fell apart. I have made the best of it but I'm ready to return to the path that will lead me to my dreams.

Step 1: Write an extensive appeal
Step 2: Bombard them with documentation and professional letters of support
Step 3: Wait to be approved or denied
Step 4: If approved start school in the fall. If denied, grieve and then find a new job

I was once on a very solid path. One that I carefully laid out before me, brick by brick. Then all at once, I was struck by natural disasters of several kinds. I fought hard and long to keep my footing through the tremors and storms but suddenly the ground gave way and as if I was being carried by a violent mudslide I was cast from it into a dark frightening forest. Here I have been wandering, struggling to survive. Living in a makeshift shelter of a life. Hoping that someday I would have the strength to climb back up to where I left my path and repair it from the years of overgrowth and neglect, moss growing between the cracks, broken bricks and fallen fences. This is my mission now and when it is done I can finally begin to build new bricks and look forward to see where this newly restored path might take me.
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