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An update on Stone 
30th-Nov-2009 03:20 pm
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I am going to make an effort to update my journal more often. As of late, you would think I have abandoned my journals. Life has just been really hectic. So hectic that I don't even know where to start explaining it. Things are pretty good overall. Stone is growing so fast! He has four teeth now! He crawls, he pulls himself up on things, he runs around the house in his walker and he says words and short phrases. Let's see he says; Momma, Dadda, Grandma (gama), Poppa, Maggy (maga), Jessica (jeca), dog, clap, hi, baby, hi baby, bye-bye, all done, diaper and other stuff too. He likes to randomly copy things that are said.

He has been saying Momma since he was 4 months old and for the longest time that's all he said. Now he says all kinds of stuff. When he looks at himself in the mirror he likes to say, "Hi baby!" which is so cute! It's funny because he usually only says; bye-bye, all done and diaper when he is upset. He hates his car seat so when I'm strapping him in he almost always cries so I say, "We're going bye-bye!" and he repeats "bye-bye" over and over while he cries. Also if he cries as I change him, I say, It's ok, I'm just changing your diaper." and he repeats "diaper" over and over again. When he is in his highchair eating and starts crying I ask, Are you all done? and he repeats "all done, all done!" It's so cute how much he is communicating and expressing himself.
Inspiration and debates 
1st-Dec-2009 07:43 am (UTC)
That's so cute!

Kind of funny: I have cousins that are either much older or much younger than I am. One of my youngest cousins, when he was learning to talk, would pronounce Jessica like "jeeka", too. I wonder what Penny will say first.
2nd-Dec-2009 07:03 am (UTC)
Stone loves his auntie Jessica. She is amazing with him too. We call her the baby whisperer. She can get him to sleep in a matter of minutes when I am at my wits end. Everyone should have her around when they have a baby!

Stone started saying Momma first because I constantly said it to him. I would repeat it for an hour at a time several times a day and of course I would refer to myself as Momma. One day he just started saying it.
1st-Dec-2009 08:30 pm (UTC) - Yay!
Stone is such a handsome and smart little! Well done!...Glad to see you posting again it nice :o)
2nd-Dec-2009 07:04 am (UTC) - Re: Yay!
Thanks Sarah! I love my little man. He is growing up so fast! I can't believe in about 3 months, he will be a year old!
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